Helping Hand

Our Helping Hand package is specifically designed to provide free access to our services for registered Charities and Non-Profit Organisations.
Helping Hand - Charity & Non-Profit Services from Eira Studios

As part of our Helping Hand package, we allocate a certain amount of time to help registered charities and non-profit organisations free of charge. Whether you want to improve your existing website or to have a new one built from scratch; You get free access to our range of web and branding services.

Being a charity or non-profit organisation you’re helping, guiding and educating those most in need and because of that, we have a vast amount of respect for you.

We know that a great website and brand identity can make a huge difference to your cause, but we also know that any money you do have is needed elsewhere. It’s this understanding that led us to create our Helping Hand package so that we can help you the world your story and about your cause.

If you haven’t yet registered or are in the process of registering your charity/non-profit organisation that’s okay; fill in the Helping Hand request form below anyway, and we can still talk about your requirements. Once you’re registered, we will get to work on helping you tell the world your story with the same amount of passion that you have for your cause.

Our Process

1. Review
The first step is reviewing your requirements and validating all of the information you provide us via the request form below. We may speak with you a few times at this stage to ensure we have a good understanding of what you want.
2. Planning
Next, we get to work researching your target audience, learning what your goals are and putting together a development & design plan. Once this stage is complete, we will allocate a date to begin the work on your project.
3. Development
Now that we have all of the details required, the time has come to start the third stage. Here we get to work wireframing, sculpting & tinkering with your new website design and carry out any required development work.
4. Deploy
In the final stage, we set up your hosting environment (if required) and deploy your new website live. Once deployed we will monitor your website for at least a couple of weeks to ensure there are no issues and fixing any if found.

Helping Hand Request Form

    How can we help?

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    Do you need hosting?

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    Let's talk about your project

    We’ve always tried to donate money to charities whenever we can, but donating a bit of money never really feels like enough.

    We are now in a position that allows us to do a whole lot more to support a number of charities and non-profit organisations.

    Our Helping Hand package is specifically designed to help those doing great things for great causes free of charge.

    Chris Walsh
    Owner, Eira Studios