Maintenance & Support Services

Maintenance plans perfect for when you need help keeping your website & servers secure and up-to-date, priority technical support or other web maintenance tasks like performance optimisations.
Maintenance & Support Services from Eira Studios

Managing and keeping your website running smoothly, up-to-date and secure through maintenance is a continual task.

Keeping on top of things takes time, something precious to many businesses. That’s where we can help. Outsourcing your website and server maintenance lets you carry on with running your business and focusing on your goals, while we keep your site performing right.

Whether you need support for your content management system, eCommerce store, security or accessibility updates or just want professional help on hand to guide you through the everyday housekeeping tasks of web maintenance, we can provide all the support you need.

At the speed vulnerabilities are found and patched these days, it’s more important than ever to keep your website and servers up-to-date. It’s especially important if you’re using a popular CMS like WordPress (which powers over 27% of sites on the internet), or eCommerce platform like Magento — which because of their popularity are usually at more risk when they’re not kept up-to-date.

Server Maintenance

We keep your server software up-to-date, apply security patches, run system health checks and proactively monitor for any potential issues.

Site Maintenance

Keeping your plugins, themes, and website software updated is important, although time-consuming. We’ll do it all so you can focus on your goals.

Database Maintenance

We’ll handle all the nitty-gritty work of professionally cleaning up junk data from your database, data compression and database table optimisation.

Security Updates

We keep on top of making sure you’ve always got the latest security updates installed to protect your website from the latest threats & security issues.

Speed Optimisation

By optimising images, stylesheets, javascript files, utilising caching and other techniques, we ensure your website is always performing its best.

Content Updates

We will update or add new pages, posts, text, images, menus, forms and anything else content related as and when you need it.

Priority Support

Our maintenance plans all include priority support for if you need any technical or other help with your website — we’re always here for you.