Web Design Services

We craft stunning, bespoke and fully responsive websites; completely tailored to your requirements with a focus on usability, SEO, and speed.
Web & Responsive Design Services from Eira Studios

At Eira Studios, we understand the importance and value of a great looking website. Having a beautiful website with an intuitive and engaging experience will not only help you stand out from the competition but it will also reflect well on your brand.

We’ve got a lot of experience with designing professional websites and prefer to make design decisions based on what we know works, rather than doing something just because it’s the latest trend. Before we start any web design project we take the time to understand your goals, your customers and what your competitors are doing. We can then make informed decisions to create an intuitive and beautiful website.

With the majority of web browsing now done on mobile devices and Google favouring mobile optimised websites for mobile search results, it’s more important than ever to have a website that works well on all screen sizes and devices. We focus heavily on the mobile experience while designing sites not just ensuring they look great on mobiles but also the speed and usability of the site.

Responsive Design

All websites we craft utilise responsive design patterns to ensure the best browsing experience, no matter what screen or device it’s viewed on.

Bespoke Design

We take pride in building tailor-made websites bespoke to you and your business, using the latest cutting-edge and proven technologies.

User Experience (UX)

Taking a user-centric approach to every site we create, we ensure the UX design of a website is considered through every stage of the journey.

Information Architecture

With IA being a fundamental part of any website, we put focus on ensuring your users can understand your site and find what they’re looking for.

Web Accessibility

We make websites that aim to be accessible for everyone regardless of their abilities, ensuring equal access to information and functionality.