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The friendly web design & development studio based in Buxton, United Kingdom passionate about helping others reach their web goals.

The Overview

Hello! My name is Chris, Iā€™m the owner and developer of Eira Studios; A friendly one-man web design & development studio based in Buxton, UK.

We build beautiful, responsive and professional websites, with a focus on usability, security, search engine optimisation and speed.

We specialise in bespoke web design and development services for individuals, start-ups, small businesses and non-profit organisations or charities. All websites we craft utilise responsive design patterns, meaning your site will look great on any device (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc).

Require our services or just want a chat? ā€” we’re all ears.

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Eira Studios,
SK17, United Kingdom

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Monday ā€“ Friday / 10am ā€“ 4pm
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The Team Family

Chris Walsh
Chris Walsh
Owner, Developer, Lead Brain

Chris is the Owner, Developer and Lead Brain at Eira Studios. He frequently spends his days juggling work and family time. He gets the bulk of his work done during the night while everyone else is fast asleep.

Chris supports England in the rugby ? which William (who doesn’t) is yet to find out. He is self-taught and has over 18 years experience in the industry with over ten of those years professionally.

William Walsh
William Walsh
Sleep Scientist, Cashflow Manager

William is our lead Sleep Scientist and Cashflow Manager. He typically works nights and spends a lot of his time on Amazon, acting out his duties as Cashflow Manager questionably.

Unlike his father, William supports Wales in the rugby ? although, he has never managed to watch an entire game without being distracted by something else – usually shiny and probably expensive to replace if broken.